James Wages, Ph.D.

Social Psychologist


I teach the following courses at the University of Central Arkansas.

Seniors Andy Hansson (left), Skylar McCombs (center), and Madi Savell (right) presenting an interactive board game they created for their PsyComm project in our History and Systems of Psychology course.

Research Methods Laboratory

PSYC 3340 Research Methods Laboratory

This collaborative learning course provides students with the tools to apply the scientific method to empirical questions in social psychology, from study design and construction to collection and analysis of data to the presentation of findings.

Developmental Psychology

PSYC 2370 Developmental Psychology

Using theories and empirical research in psychology, we learn about the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of humans, from infancy to adolescence. We pay special attention to the sociocultural context of development.

History and Systems of Psychology

PSYC 4340 History and Systems of Psychology

In this active and collaborative learning course, we focus on the historical contexts, key figures, and landmark studies that shaped modern psychology; we also work to develop professional skills.

Social Psychology

PSYC 3360 Social Psychology

This course provides an introduction to the scientific study of how humans think about, feel toward, and interact with others, including the dynamic contexts that influence these processes.